Our Booth

A Fresh New Take on the Old School Classic Photo Booth

Whenever there is a get-together, all everyone wants to do is have a great time and make memories. PHOTOBOOTH GUY is a fun and exciting memory-maker and the latest entertainment for any event, party or wedding reception. We have taken the old school classic photo booth and brought it to you in a modern stylish way. Their stylish neutral appearance fits well into any setting, whether it's a wedding, party or corporate affair.

Our photo booths are sourced from a local manufacturer, are built to the finest quality and are the best looking in Australia! Built using the latest technology and a proven design, our signature photo booth for hire create unlimited high-quality prints, and digitally record all images on a USB thumb drive for you to receive after your event.

What Makes PHOTOBOOTH GUY Hire Service Is So Fun?

Ever been at a formal, old school wedding, or a corporate event watching the clock wishing time would go faster? Ever wished there was more to do than just talk to Joe from accounts? Well, at Phtotobooth Guy we believe that the days of a formal, stuffy weddings or corporate events are over, and thank goodness for that! We want these events to be what they should always have been: a fun and joyous occasion where everyone has a day to remember.

We are the cheapest service in Perth, because we know how costly big events are, and there’s no fun in paying for more than you should. Let’s bring the fun back into these worn-out gatherings. We will arrive at your venue with a suitcase packed full of stylish props. You won’t find any tacky items inside either! We carry an eclectic range of weird and wonderful accessories including hats, glasses, masks, moustaches and lips on sticks, quirky signs, speech bubbles and general silliness. Let your guests can muck around all our wacky accessories, do all the silly poses they want, or loving group shots with all your friends and relatives; the possibilities are endless. If you want to have hilarious snaps for both yourself and your guests, then please email info@PHOTOBOOTHGUY.com.au to make it happen. We’re confident that the quality of our deluxe photo booths, our level of customer service and the overall PHOTOBOOTH GUY experience is the best around.